Accepting Applications

April 16th, 2014

Our bikes are in demand, thus, talented people are too.

We are currently accepting applications for Fabricator / Bike Builder / Welder.
The person needs to be proficient in welding & fabrication, should know how to run a mil & lathe, and needs to have knowledge & experience in bike building.
Pay is relative to quality of experience.
If you are not a team player. If you are a “glass half empty” person. If you are not willing to work hard. If you are not open to learning more and stretching yourself, then do not apply.
If however, you are a leader, a positive person, are self motivated, have the skills listed above and want to be part of something special, then email resumes to:

Pre-Order & Save $100 on Our New LED Headlight

March 26th, 2014

Our New LED Headlight is designed & constructed in the USA. This light is simply the best in form & function. Top rated LED headlamp with custom machined, aircraft grade, billet aluminum bezel and adjustable mount. Offered in 3 finishes. Polished, Black anodized & Clear Anodized.

We are bringing this to market through crowd funding. We need to produce a minimum of 25 to make it feasible to bring these to market. Help us reach our goal and be rewarded with a $100 discount for being a backer of this product. Only the first 25 orders are guaranteed the $100 discount.

Click here to get the details.

Thank you for your support.

Toby to Receive ACM Career Achievement Award

March 25th, 2014

The Academy of Country Music has announced that Toby Keith will receive the Career Achievement Award, honoring an artist who has “advanced the popularity and acceptance of country music” in “multiple areas” in the past year.

Click here to read the entire article about Toby’s honor and details of other off-camera winners.
The ACM Awards show will be broadcast on CBS on Sunday, April 6 at 8 PM E/P

Win FREE Rousseau Tool Box Storage

March 21st, 2014

The good people at Rousseau Metal are giving back to you. They are doing a little (actually big) contest to award someone over $7,500 in tool storage. I can tell you this stuff is the best. We use it exclusively in our shop to build our uncompromising bikes and I wouldn’t use anything else. I trust Rousseau boxes to store our expensive and extensive inventory of tools. Quality is top notch. Click here for your chance to win for free.

XPOSE Magazine covers Opening Night

March 9th, 2014

XPOSE magazine was on site for the Cafe Rider grand opening. They covered the event as well as the reveal of our F3 Rocketeer World Champion bike. They were kind to share some great pics with us that we can now share with you. Enjoy. Special thanks to Michael at

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March 6th, 2014

Big thanks to the guys & gals at for stopping by the Cafe Rider grand opening this week in Dubai. Here’s what they had to say… it’s a clever read. We really appreciate their comments & exposure.

When the invite to Cafe Rider’s opening night landed on our virtual desk we had a quick confab and immediately decided not to go. It’s not that we have any prejudice or anything against motorcycles and bikers but, with the exception of our man Mo who likes sitting on a Fat Boy and photographer Arun who seems to have fallen off every bike he has ever ridden, we aren’t too clued up on bike culture here at Here, the car is always the star. Add to this mix an opening night full of smelly biker dudes wrestling each other and, well, you get where we are coming from with our extremely unprejudiced point of view.

And then our social media guru Monja only went and called in to Cafe Rider and reported back that “we should attend”. Monja (love that girl) has one of those annoying noses like Samantha from Bewitched that twitches when she senses something cool, normally pertaining to clever design or things of cultural interest. So, with Frau Frorath giving me my marching orders (you’re not the boss of me!) I scuttled across to Cafe Rider to see what the crazy German (love that girl) was on about. Obviously, I went the day before the opening night to avoid getting embroiled in biker wrestling activities.

What greeted me was not what I had been expecting. Not at all. Damn Monja and her twitching nose but she was right! This Cafe Rider joint is a beautiful warehouse affair with a few choice Brass Balls bobbers decorating the open floor space. A glass-walled custom motorcycle garage with the latest project being worked on at one end, comfortable sofa sitting area at the other and a large coffee bar dominating the back wall. Cafe Rider is more than just a bike shop and café, it’s about people. So I decided to venture back for the opening night. Although I was still determined to avoid the wrestling aspect.

Preconceived ideas about anything in life are usually wrong. The collective people gathered at Cafe Rider were all friendly beyond reproach, from every walk of life and with a shared passion for motorcycles and fine coffee. A dude played guitar, welcome speeches were made and I washed down three tasty shawarma with a couple of shots of caffeine from the bar. All-in-all a very enjoyable evening with great people in a fantastic new hang-out in Dubai.

I wouldn’t even have minded wrestling with some of the bikers.


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Cafe Rider Film & Grand Opening

March 4th, 2014

The Grand Opening of our new dealer, Cafe Rider, in Dubai was last night. What a hit. The response to our bikes and the Cafe Rider store was amazing. There are so many cool things to share. First of all, the space is incredible… what a cool place. The building itself is a warehouse. Step inside and you have walked into a cool, loft like atmosphere where the bikes are on display as museum works of art. Pass by the bikes to a 30 foot coffee bar where behind it, a champion barista, Dmitriy, serves up the most insanely fantastic coffee, expresso, capacieno, latte’s and teas. The environment is chilled, one where friends visit and hang out, enjoy a drink, a pastry and our rolling art on display. The bike service area is behind glass, so customers can watch while their bikes are attended to. There is a small but attractive retail area where top quality & unique is the theme. The leather jackets & gloves are made specifically to Cafe Rider’s specs and are not found anywhere else in the region. There are t-shirts, helmets, messenger bags and more. Some of the new Brass Balls Cycles parts are also for sale, like our new Challenge Coin fuel cap. Most interesting to me though is that the people are so hospitable and passionate about the culture of motorcycling. They embrace it and live it. The world is one of many cultures… but the bike culture, the culture of riding and being one with your bike, being with your brother & sister riders on the open road is universal. Enjoy the video shot on location in Dubai for Cafe Rider, featuring our Brass Balls Cycles.

Commemorative Brass Balls Cycles Challenge Coins

February 12th, 2014

We just couldn’t create a Challenge Coin Fuel Cap without creating a Brass Balls Cycles coin to adorn it. So we got underway to create something special.

This is the first time for us to create a challenge coin. We did a lot of research and found several companies online competent to have coins made… but that is just what most of them do… they have them made… overseas, very cheaply with average quality at best.

We kept searching and found the Northwest Territorial Mint. Their artisans sculpt the dies by hand to create a detailed, high relief coin. The coins are minted in the USA of the highest quality. The paint is hand applied and the entire surface is coated with a fuel resistant coating. “MADE IN USA” is stamped on the side.

The front side of the coin is the Brass Balls Cycles Skull Racer logo. The back side of the coin commemorates our 2 world championship wins.

The first 100 orders get a $8.95 discount on your commemorative coin.

Only the first 100 coins are numbered.  Click here to Reserve Yours Now! 



Challenge Coins Fuel Caps

February 12th, 2014

After several customer requests, we are bringing our Challenge Coin Fuel Caps to market. We first did one of these caps back in 2010, and then another for our 2012 Navy Tribute bike. Our focus has always been on our bikes. But more and more people continue to request the cool custom components we create for our bikes.

We’ve heard you loud and clear. So we are making available to you a line of unique Brass Balls Cycles parts that you can put on your bike.

The first is our Challenge Coin Fuel Cap. Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum right here in Oklahoma City, USA.

Available in 3 coin sizes and 3 different finishes. Be part of us bringing this to market.

The first 100 orders get a $20 discount on your cap. Click here to Get Yours Now!

Progressive International Motorcycle Shows

February 6th, 2014

Great turn outs all over the country for the International Motorcycle Shows. With only a few left, don’t miss them. This weekend is Chicago and the following weekend will see the final show of the series in Seattle. All the major manufacturers are there, along with the Ultimate Builder Competition, which is an affiliate of the AMD World Championships of Custom Bike Building. And of course, Progressive Insurance, the headline sponsor of the IMS series has a great presence at the shows. The Progressive Garage is an interactive space fun for the whole family with slot car racing, custom tank painting demonstrations and a licensed agent on site to answer any questions you have. We are honored to be part of the Progressive gig at this year’s shows in a very special way. Together we have built a Darwin Motorcycles Digger, which we have customized into a cool lane splitter and adorned it with the official Toby Keith logo and Pros 4 Vets logo. At all the IMS shows anyone who is active duty US military or a Vet, can sign up for free to win the bike. After the conclusion of the show series, a winner will be randomly selected. Special thanks to Toby for lending his name to the project and to Progressive for stepping up to make this give away a reality.