The Nicest Article Ever Written About Us

November 14th, 2014

Words can’t express how grateful we are to for their extremely complimentary article written about our philanthropy for our troops. It’s a must read. is a must follow. Check it out here

1st Edition MotoCase AirFrame for iPhone 6

October 16th, 2014

We are happy to announce MotoCase for iPhone 6 & 6 PLUS. Check out the video here.

Tim The Tool Man & Brawler GT-R

October 15th, 2014

Tim Allen buys the Brawler GT-R featured in the Hot Bike Build Off. Tim is a long time motor head. He has designed and built many custom cars & bikes of which several have been featured in National publications.

We are honored to have built the Brawler GT-R for him. Tim has a keen eye for design and helped with the design of the Brawler GT-R, providing suggestions and feedback during the build.

He is a strong supporters of our military members and veterans.

Yes… He’s a great guy!

To get the latest on Tim Allen, go follow him here

Check out his website



Hot Bike Tour Was A Blast!

September 23rd, 2014

Many of you know we were competing in the Hot Bike Build Off in conduction with the Hot Bike Tour. Though we did not win the “Grand Champion” prize, we had a great time. We rode with great people. Our builder peers showed up with some great bikes that we not just works of art… they ran. We rode the hell out of em. We put approximately 1,000 miles on our bikes on some of this Country’s best roads.  Thanks to Jeff Holt of Hot Bike Magazine for putting this all together and inviting us as one of the builders.

We brought our latest Brawler GT-R to the tour. Read the rest of this entry »

Congrats to Brian Jarvis Winner of Onnit Bike!

September 10th, 2014

It’s official, we’ve given another bike to a vet. Brian Jarvis, of Twentynine Palms, California is the winner of the Onnit bike. Brian is currently serving in the US Navy.

Special thanks to all involved who helped make it possible. Thanks to Nicole for donating the bike to be customized and restored. Thanks to Jim Johnson who was the catalyst for getting the bike donated. Thanks to Richard at King’s Customs for all they contributed to making this bagger a real winner. Thanks to LePera for a killer seat. Thanks to Outlaw polishing for bringing back that shine. Big thanks to Onnit for being a key partner in getting this bike promoted and given away to a veteran. And if that wasn’t enough… Onnit also donated funds to Pros 4 Vets. There are great people in this world. We see it everyday. Support our troops.

ONNIT Bike Free For Troops

June 10th, 2014

As a thank you to military servicemen,

We have teamed up with Onnit to create this amazing custom Harley Davidson Motorcycle. This 2000 Road King was donated to us as part of our Recycle For The Troops program. The catalyst for this program was Rebel Rock Racing owner Jim Jonsin, who got the bike donated from a lady who’s deceased brother served our Country. It was his bike. From there, we instilled the help of King’s Customs to transform what began as a worn-out bike. King’s is a master at “baggers” which is not our forte’ . We are grateful to Richard King for all his help. The H-D power train is solid. The bike received new paint, new bars, new stretched bags, Frenched rear lighting, polished wheels & brakes. It has a new LePera leather seat (Big Thanks to Christine LePera), dual fishtail exhaust and much more. It’s a timeless classic. And this beast can be yours if you’re a currently active or or veteran serviceman in any branch of the United States Armed Forces or reserves.

AND that’s not all! In addition to giving away this badass bike, Onnit is also going to donate $.50 for every like this page gets, and $.50 for every share this page gets on Facebook up to $10,000 toPros4Vets. So even if you’re not eligible to win the bike, you can still help spread a great message and help contribute to an amazing cause.


Leather Wrapped Aluminum Grips

May 30th, 2014

We designed & crafted these grips because we wanted something truly amazing and just couldn’t find it out there…

Most of the cool grips available are machined from solid billet aluminum or solid brass. However the throttle part of the grip is machined right into the grip from the same metal material. The throttle part of the grip twists in a metal throttle housing… This is bad. Metal on Metal is bad. It gauls up and does not twist smoothly.

There are some companys that have figured this out. They have created a throttle unit from plastic. However the entire grip is mostly a plastic base, then covered in rubber with screwed on aluminum end caps to make the grip look like an aluminum grip. Plus, with this type grip, you can not machine or drill holes into the end if you desire to use bar end mirrors. With ours you can.

Many of the really good performing grips are made at 7/8″ diameter for the sport bike crowd. But what about the American V-Twin crowd?

We have just developed the best performing, best looking grips on the market.


We start with solid 6061 billet aluminum and precision machine it to our grip shape. We recess the area where the leather is going to be and then knurl the surface for added security that the leather will not slip. We also recess the end of the grip the perfect size if someone wants to drill it out for use with bar end mirrors. If not, it is adorned with our logo which has been machined in the ends of the grips.


We use the best throttle sleeve in the business from G2 Ergonomics. This sleeve is machined, yes machined, from solid PVC. We use an adhesive bonding agent and set screws to perminently secure it to the alumium grip.The G2 Egronamics throttle housing has a ramp built into it allowing you to achieve full throttle without regripping.


Prior to anodizing, we scotchbrite “brush” the aluminum grips.


Avaialble in Polished, Black anodized & Clear anodized with our logo machined into the end.


We cut the veg tanned leather into squares and soak it with water. Then we case it, a process of sealing it in a plastic bag so that the water fully absorbs into the leather rather than evaporating. Once its ready, we join the leather together with the die and emboss it on a 20 ton press.


This is what the leather looks like out of the press.


Next is must be trimmed to size. Then all the edges are beveled front and back using and edge beveler.


The die is air brushed on both sides of the leather.


A special leather oil is used to top coat the leather after dieing.


Next the sides are burnished using wax and then a wood burnishing tool.


Holes are hand puched in preparation for sewing.


Perminant adhesive is applied to both the alumium grip and the back side of the leather. Then sewing begins…


After sewing is complete, a fresh buffing is given to the new leather wrapped grips.

Below are examples of finished grips to give you ideas what the different finishes look like.


There are a total of 36 different color and pattern combinations to choose from… Have fun deciding.


There you have it. A grip that performs at the highest level, has exquisite style & design, and feels great to the touch. After all, your hands are your primary connection to your motorcycle, shouldn’t your grips enhance the feel and ride? Treat yourself to the very best. You deserve it.

Made in Oklahoma City, USA.

Navy Bike for Rolling Thunder Washington D.C.

May 27th, 2014

We were once again honored to build a Navy Tribute bike, which bike had its debut this past Memorial Day weekend at Rolling Thunder in Washington D.C. in front of thousands who journeyed there to pay tribute to our troops. It will go on tour with the other tribute bikes to various locations in hopes to bring a smile to our troops and let them know that their unselfish actions are never forgotten.

Congratulations to David Kellogg

May 23rd, 2014

We’d like to congratulate David Kellogg, of Bolingbrook IL, winner of the Progressive Insurance / Toby Keith bike.

Mr. Kellogg is an American military veteran. Only active duty US military, Reservists and veterans were eligible to register for free to win this bike.

In partnership with Progressive Insurance, we built the bike which was promoted at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows. Mr. Kellogg was selected randomly by Progressive from thousands of applicants. We wish him many years of safe and enjoyable riding. We salute and thank all our men & women who have and continue to serve our great Country.


This is one of our “Digger” model bikes and features some very cool, top shelf components. Check out these amazing companies:
Motor: S&S Cycle 80″ V-series with Air 1 air cleaner
Transmission: Rivera Primo
Primary Drive: BDL 2″ belt drive
Front end: Three Two Choppers wishbone springer
Wheels: RideWright blue rims / stainless spokes
Tires: Avon Cobras
Brakes: Wilwood Performance
Seat: Hix Design
Headlight: JW Speaker w/ Brass Balls Performance bezel
Charging System: Cycle Electric
Speedo: Wire Plus
Mirrors: Joker Machine
and many more…

Toby’s All-Star Salute To The Troops on CBS.

May 20th, 2014

Don’t miss the ACM Awards Presents:  An All-Star Salute to the Troops Special on Tuesday, May 20 at 8PM Central/9 PM Eastern on CBS!  Check your local listings for time and channel.